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American Volkssport Association (AVA)


Volkssporting is for people of all ages who wish to improve their health, meet new friends, see new places and have a wonderful time doing it all.  

    Walk at your own pace, walk as far as you wish.  It is all up to you.     







Volkssporting is German for People in sports.   Volkssporting is a relaxed way of getting exercise while seeing beautiful places with great friends.  It stands for Fun, Fitness, and Friendship.  All ages participate.  Do you like to walk fast, medium, or just stroll and enjoy the scenery.  It does not matter.  You may find a planned walk you wish to do and do it by yourself or with a friend.  All clubs all over the world offer group walks. We walk at home or traveling to other towns to see and enjoy what the other clubs have to offer.  Walks are usually 10K (6.2 miles) but there is often a 5k (3 miles) to enjoy or maybe you are a new walker and you only want to walk a mile.  It does not matter, the point is you are getting exercise and enjoying yourself.

Please see our 'About our Club' page to see more information.






We are located in a beautiful area in Eastern Washington.  Leavenworth is set among tall mountains and the theme of the town is Bavarian.  Leavenworth has many festivals that you might enjoy when doing the walks here.  Our walks include Chelan, Grant, and Douglas Counties.  Our many walks may be found in different towns covering a large range of both AVA and State challenges. Wenatchee is where the art walk will take you along Riverfront Trail and by many types of art work, we also have walks in  Waterville, the county seat of Douglas County with a great museum and country walking enjoying farm land and views. East Wenatchee is a residential walk with some beautiful views and a Japanese Garden. Leavenworth takes you through a Bavarian town, with trails covering Blackbird Island. Enjoy also Grand Coulee Dam, stay and enjoy the night laser show.  Winthrop is a peaceful walk in the forest and along creeks then you may want to just enjoy the western town of Winthrop.  Each of our walks offer you a special treat, please come and enjoy.




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Duane or Pat 509-548-4084 or

Dorene   509-886-9526 

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